Private Duty Nursing Software | Private Duty Scheduling Software

How EVV works?

Private Duty Nursing Software: Go Paperless

Simplified operations
  • Simplified operations
  • Go paperless, simplify documentation
  • Specifically designed for private duty nursing agencies
  • Data reporting in real time
  • Improve patient care
  • Electronic visit verification
  • Electronic (GPS) verification of point of care
  • Record the check-in and checkout times
  • Capture patient signatures
  • Simplify billing and scheduling
  • Record date, time and location as per state guidelines
Electronic visit verification
Automate point of care: paperless
  • Automate point of care: paperless
  • Automated medication administration records on iPad
  • Customized home health agency software for your needs
  • Simplified nurse treatment plans, nurse flow sheets, home health care notes, and much more
  • Dictate nurse notes instead of typing them
  • Streamlined point of care
  • Better reporting
  • Data reporting in real time
  • Automated reports
  • Secure storage and access from the cloud
  • State-of-the-art customer support
  • Access anywhere, anytime
Better reporting
HIPAA compliant: High-end security
  • HIPAA compliant: High-end security
  • Safe and secure data management
  • Encrypted database
  • IP locked location devices