Verify Clients Eligibility

How to Conveniently Verify Your Client's Eligibility,

Service Authorizations and Reassessments?

Home Care Agencies love Caretap's Convenient, all-in-one Digital Software that simplifies the work of
verifying client's eligibility, Service Authorizations and reassessmets?


Whether your home care agency is managing thousands of caregivers and PCAs or only a handful, Caretap simplifies the workload for you! Caretap makes it easy for home care agencies to keep track of client's eligibility, service authorizations and reassessments.


We make it easy for home care agencies to ensure client eligiblity for services. Rather than having to go into the DHS website and spend hours completing extensive eligibility request forms for each individual client, Caretap will do the work for you by pulling the necessary data for all the clients on a weekly basis. We provide you the convenience of checking your client's eligibility directly on your dashboard. Caretap provides an automated process in which we gather all the client's and agency's information every week and input everything into the system for you.


We provide a list of detailed service authorization information for each client right at your fingertips. Detailed information includes start and end dates, service authorization numbers, bill rates, hours and much more. Caretap provides your home care agency with access to adjust these details as needed. We also supply a unit tracking report that allows you to search client's names and service types, allowing you to retrieve all the detailed information needed for each client.


Caretap also provides a convenient tool for managing reassessments. With caretap you'll be able to access expired reassessments and conveniently submit status updates to DHS. Home care agencies love caretap's simplicity, convenience and reliabilty.