Home Care Billing

Billing Automation
for Home Care Agencies

  • Streamlines the home care billing and saves money
  • Eliminates the hassle of billing and saves employee time
  • Quick and easy system for remittances
  • Risk free home care billing solutions
  • Increased Revenue, Claim generation, Accurate payments

Billing DHS and
MCO's In Just A Few Clicks

  • Seamlessly works with DHS, Zermid, and Availity
  • Re-assessment billing tracking
  • Units used vs available reports
  • Claims charged vs remitted
  • Automated validations of claims before submission

Caretap Billing - Work From Anywhere

  • Cloud-based home care billing solutions
  • Enables billing access from any location
  • No need to download software
  • Reducing home care billing headaches
  • Easy remittance tracking and financial report generation

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