EVV Tips For Home Care Agencies

3 Insider Electronic Visit Verification ( EVV ) Tips

Every Home Care Agency Needs To Know

Federal mandates require personal care services in the U.S. to implement EVV by the start of 2020.
It's important to have an EVV system in place so that your agency is not penalized


1. Understand Your State Model


Initially, when selecting an EVV system, it's essential to become familiar with all available options. Selections vary in each state, so spending time learning about the pros and cons of available vendors in your state is worthwhile.

States that have adopted the "provider choice" model and the "open choice" model allow home care agencies the freedom to choose an EVV vendor. States that implement the "state choice" model are more restrictive, requiring all home care providers within that state to use the EVV vendor selected by that particular state.


2. Understand the Technology


Agencies in states that allow free selection of an EVV vendor have the task of researching vendor options. A crucial part of making an appropriate selection is to understand common approaches to Electronic Visit Verification software, and how they impact the ability to provide care.

There are two primary strategies we'll discuss. Both methods electronically record caregivers locations, times, and check-in/out times for all home visits. The means by which this is accomplished is where the two approaches differ.

One system uses an entirely electronic method, including mobile apps, tablets, and reading devices. Caregivers use their mobile phone or electronic device to check-in upon arrival and check out upon leaving. The alternative approach is the telephony method, in which caregivers dial a number from the client's phone in order to check-in and out.


3. Two Methods Are Better Than One


Home healthcare agencies do not necessarily have to select between an electronic vs telephony check-in and check out system. When it comes to EVV, tech-savvy caregivers will more likely enjoy the convenience of the electronic system. Caregivers who are more accustomed to conventional systems may feel more comfortable with the telephony method. Why not select software that provides the convenience of both options?

CareTap home care software conveniently provides agencies with both a mobile app and a telephony method so that caregivers can use the approach that's most comfortable for them.

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