How is EVV Making Life Easier for Home Care Agencies?


Electronic Visit Verification is a system designed to reduce fraud, neglect of clients, abuse of the system, data entry errors, and to simplify the documentation process for personal care services (PCS) and home health care services (HHCS).  We’ll go over why EVV was implemented along with the benefits that EVV provides.

Why was EVV Implemented?

Prior to the enforcement of EVV, paper-driven timesheets, data collection and claims, filing methods were used and abused. An array of loopholes in the system of home care services was being taken advantage of. Abuse of the system was left unchecked for some time, leading to fraudulent claims and neglect of individuals who were authorized to receive home care services. This had negative consequences for clients, personal and home care service agencies, and claims administrators. To eliminate these loopholes, a more accurate, reliable method was needed, and that’s where the establishment of EVV came in.

2 Ways EVV Benefits Personal & Home Healthcare Services

  • Mobile App & Telephony System including Timesheets, GPS & Verification by Clients
  • Efficient & Faster Processing of Claims

Mobile App & Telephony System including Timesheets, GPS & Verification by Clients

Being able to precisely verify that home caregivers were in fact providing their assigned services at the correct times and locations, was proving to be difficult prior to the introduction of Electronic Visit Verification. EVV Mobile Apps provide the benefit of transferring from paper to electronic documentation which enables better accuracy, reliability, faster transmissibility and easier verification of information. A telephony method which is also available as an alternative, can be used in case internet service is unavailable, and also for caregivers who are not so tech-savvy. Electronic Visit Verification provides the following benefits to help home care services:

  • Verifies Name and Identification of Clients & Caregivers
  • GPS Tracking of on-duty Caregiver’s Location
  • Transparent Caregiver Activity while on-duty
  • Employees Check in and out Electronically
  • Better Compliance with DHS Requirements
  • Remote E-signature by Responsible Party
  • Eliminates Incorrect Data on Timesheets
  • Reduced Administrative Overhead
  • Eliminates Redundant Information
  • Less Time Spent on Data Entry
  • No More Missing Timesheets
  • Easy Access to Information
  • Allows Client E-signature
  • Automated Data Storage

Efficient & Faster Processing of Claims

Electronic Visit Verification has opened the door for home care services to receive quicker reimbursements, due to a faster processing time for claims. Automating the transmission of confirmed service data for claims review makes the entire process run more smoothly and accurately than previously done with paper submissions.

With online processing, security of sensitive information is more reliable and promising. HIPAA compliance is better maintained due to more precise collection, storage and transfer of client’s information.


The Electronic Visit Verification system has been able to successfully reduce the number of fraudulent claims, neglect of clients, and data entry errors for personal and home health care services.  The transfer from paper to electronic documentation allows better accuracy, reliability, faster transmissibility and easier verification of information. EVV has also enabled home care agencies to receive faster reimbursements, due to a more efficient processing time for claims. Overall, the implementation of EVV has greatly benefited the home care industry.