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Electronic Visit Verification

Simplified Time Sheets - Payroll - Billing

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Simplified Electronic Visit Verification (EVV)


How EVV works?

Caretap Electronic Visit Verification tracks the location of the caregiver using GPS location tracking and records the date, time, and service provided of home care visits using smartphones of both the iOS and Android platforms or telephone (landline) of client. Our mobile apps are fully integrated with Caretap software and automatically sync in real-time!

  • Download our mobile app from the Apple or Google Store
  • Log in with your current Caretap login credentials
  • Verify your visits!

Electronic Visit Verification Software

  • Records exact date, time, and location as per 21st century cures act for Electronic Visit Verification
  • Allows patient to sign at the point of care
  • Real-time reporting of location, shift start time and end time
  • Designed for caregivers and homecare workers
  • Fully compliant with DHS guidelines for EVV system

Simplified Scheduling:

Its easy to schedule caregivers visits according to the patient's requirement using Caretap Electronic Visit Verification software.

  • Easy to schedule multiple caregivers for a client
  • Automated alerts for caregivers based on the schedule
  • Schedule and track visits in real-time
  • Flexible scheduling, avoid schedule overlapping
electronic visit verification
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EVV Using Mobile App and Telephony

  • Allows caregivers to clock in/out using the telephony method
  • Can access and update from remote areas
  • Telephonic visit verification in the recipient’s home
  • Advanced technology with paperless timesheets to track visits
  • Available in multiple languages
  • Top choice of caregivers
  • Easy to install and learn

Verify Visit at Point of Care

The patient signature can be collected by the caregiver at the point of homecare using Caretap Electronic Visit Verification software. Hence point of care verifying method helps to eliminate billing fraud attempts and ensure compliance.

  • Recipients Signs timesheet Electronically
  • Built-in signature fraud protection
  • Collect patient signature after care
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Reduce Risk, Ensure Compliance

  • No more fraud attempts, ensure with 100% compliance in homecare services
  • Ensure regulatory compliance by verifying homecare visits at the point of care
  • Exception based reporting to reduce compliance risk
  • Caretap EVV helps your business to be EVV compliant as per federal guidelines

Improve outcome at point of care

With Caretap Electronic Visit Verification software, time-consuming paperwork is eliminated and hence caregivers can concentrate more on patient care. Homecare visit data can be easily updated in the caretap EVV software.

  • Caregivers are updated with their tasks in real-time
  • Analyze the quality of homecare delivered based on location, time and activity
  • The responsible party can verify and electronically sign timesheets remotely
  • Responsible Party or the client signs the timesheets electronically every pay period as per the DHS guidelines
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Available On iOS And Google Play

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Caretap Electronic Visit Verification Software

EVV tracks home healthcare caregivers visit data like time of the visit and its duration, details of the patient who got the service with their location. There are 2 ways to track the caregiver's visit data. One is the telephony method, in which the caregiver can make use of client telephone or landline to mark their attendance. They need to call the agency office for this. The second method is the GPS enabled method, in which the software helps to track the caregiver arrival time, location, and leaving time from the patient's home.

Caretap Electronic Visit Verification Vendors

Caretap Electronic visit verification software offers a solution to avoid billing frauds and has so many additional features to ensure compliance. Homecare agencies daily task includes managing the personal care assistants, schedule their work hours and location, monitor the data, verify it with clients input, and then finally billing and payment. These time-consuming tasks can be reduced by choosing the right EVV solution. Contact us today if you are ready to learn more about improving your agency's productivity with Caretap EVV software.