Electronic Visit Verification Compliance

Simplified Time Sheets - Payroll - Billing

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Simplified Electronic Visit Verification (EVV)

Electronic Visit Verification Software to Record Visit

Caretap Electronic Visit

  • Records exact date, time, and location as per required law for electronic visit verification
  • Allows patient to sign at the point of care
  • Real-time reporting of location, shift start time and end time
  • Designed for caregivers and home care workers
  • Fully compliant with DHS guidelines for EVV system

Simplified Scheduling
and Billing

  • Electronic visit verification timesheets
  • Ensures care plan compliance
  • Automated schedule reminders
  • Simplified electronic billing date with verified time stamps
Electronic timesheets

EVV Using Mobile App
and Telephony

  • Electronic timesheets simplified with the latest technology
  • Available in multiple languages
  • Top choice of PCA workers
  • Easy to install and learn

Available On iOS And Google Play

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Fully Cloud-based iPad
Software at Point of Care