Real Caretap Clients Narrate Their Experience


AbdiRazack , owner of a Personal care company with 50 clients and 60 caregivers, was struggling with proper storage of caregivers’ manual timesheets, many of which were illegible and had multiple errors. When he switched to Caretap, he enjoyed the smooth flow of having caregivers submit the EVV logs, save them electronically, and bill them by batching all together.


Muna, owner of a PCA and homemaking business, has 30-40 clients and 35 caregivers. Spending 15-20 minutes per timesheet, entering data and billing information into the state portal, was tedious. Batch billing all at once (with Caretap) was the perfect solution to make it a breeze.


Ali, owner of a PCS Home Health Care agency in Minneapolis, Minnesota, has 50 clients and 30 caregivers. He switched from Cashe to Caretap when his employee pointed out the simplicity and convenience of Caretap. With Caretap he was able to submit timecards and billing quickly.

Mohamed Idle

Idle owns a Home Health Care agency with 35 caregivers, currently providing PCA and Waivered Services to 25 clients. Billing through Minnesota’s State Portal was time consuming, so Idle embraced Caretap and loves the drastic decrease in time spent. Caretap is an A+ in his book.


Olga from AZ Friendly Languages has been using Caretap Interpreter Software for a year. Caretap’s Billing, Time Logs & Reports are features she finds invaluable, and recommends to other agencies. She finds the responsiveness of Caretap’s support team to be “10/10.”


Adam’s agency provides PCA and Waivered Services with 40 clients and 50 caregivers. Billing all his claims directly through the Minnesota State portal was a tedious process, so he onboarded with Caretap in 2019, and is enjoying the countless benefits.


Angelina’s Home Health Care agency manages 25–30 clients, and 35-40 caregivers. Before Caretap, she would spend hours billing claims, but now she completes her billing in no time. She has been able to focus on company growth now that Caretap saves her a significant amount of time. With everything online and easily accessible, she’s able to track her caregivers’ and clients’ data in one place, making her job quick and simple.