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Top 4 Technological Advancements in Home Health Care

Top 4 Technological Advancements in Home Health Care

Just like every other industry, technological advancements are growing exponentially in the home health care field. From making processes easier for patients, to improving accuracy of results, the revolutionary power of technology has taken the home health care industry to the next level. 

Even the most minor bits of technology have significantly enhanced the quality of care for patients. These technological advancements have increased the capabilities of home health caregivers, so they can work more efficiently in attaining their ultimate goal – the best possible care for their patients.

We’ll cover five technological tools that your home care agency can’t do without, if your goal is to improve services.

4 Tech Tools Your Agency Needs

Having software that can automate repetitive tasks has made every industry more efficient. So naturally, boosting your agency’s productivity with home health care software should be your priority.

Home Health Care Software will take care of your tedious administrative tasks so you can focus on the most crucial part of your agency, that is, taking care of your patients. Home Care Software provides a great bundle of features that streamline your workflow and solidify your growth as an agency. Some important benefits include:

  • Electronic Visit Verification with Fraud Protection
  • E-Documentation & E-Timesheets
  • Easy Billing
  • Simplified Scheduling
  • Fast Communication Channel

1. Electronic Visit Verification (EVV)

Electronic Visit verification or EVV technology is crucial for agencies, not only to be in compliance with the 21st Century Cures Act, DHA and federal regulations, but also for caregiver location tracking, verification of visits, management of caregiver/client scheduling, and the list goes on. Since this technology revolves around home health care personnel, it’s intentionally made user-friendly and easy to grasp.

Electronic Visit Verification includes:

  1. Identification Feature of Caregivers and Clients
  2. Tracking of Caregiver Location
  3. Caregiver’s Service Information
  4. E-Documentation & E-Timesheets
  5. Client and Caregiver E-signature Fraud Protection
  6. Automated Transmission of Information
  7. Easy Scheduling of Visits
  8. HIPAA Compliant
  9. End-to-End Encryption

On top of the above mentioned features provided by EVV Software, your agency will notice improvement in a number of aspects. Paper timesheets have always been a hassle for employees to stay on top of, not to mention the amount of time wasted on them. With EVV software, you’ll save time and gain more accurate recordings with electronic timesheets.

EVV has been known as the perfect solution to cut down administrative overhead, eliminate data redundancy, and enable easier access to information. EVV software serves as a comprehensive platform for Home Care Agencies.

2. Easy Billing

Easy Billing

Every agency has experienced the headaches of delayed or denied claims, and wasting valuable time on billing. Automated billing has made a drastic turnaround for Home Care Agencies by accelerating the speed of processing bills and receiving payback, in addition to reducing the hassles of claim delays and denials. 

Home health care software’s automated billing is specifically engineered to simplify operations in the following ways:

  • Batch Billing to save loads of time
  • Finally put an end to manual entry slips 
  • Better accuracy and approval of claims
  • Integrated with insurance payers

3. Simplified Scheduling

Ever get tired of overlapping appointments, or not being able to multi-schedule clients easily. Home Health Care Software allows for easier scheduling by empowering your agency with the following:

  • Schedule clients with multiple Caregivers with ease
  • Customize your Scheduling
  • Get alert reminders to avoid missing visits
  • No more schedule overlaps

4. Fast Communication Channel

Fast Communication Channel

These days patients prefer the convenience of text messaging over phone calls as their mode of everyday communication. Home health software taps into accommodating the needs of clients and caregivers with the most advanced routes of open communication.

Text4care is a messaging system that provides an instant, fully secured method for communicating with both clients and caregivers. Texting can be used for appointment reminders, gathering necessary information, and more. It helps agencies better connect via the following:

  • Bulk Text Messaging to save time
  • Messaging App available on-demand
  • Previous messages easily accessed
  • Convenience that patients love


In a nutshell, there have been significant technological advancements in Home Health Care Software. These technologies are developed to provide the best possible services for patients and caregivers, streamlining your agency’s workflow and boosting productivity.

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