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5 Key Things to Look for When Selecting Home Health Care Software

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Have you completed the groundwork of establishing a home care agency, and recruiting caregivers? One key ingredient you don’t want to overlook, for a successful agency, is finding the most suitable home health care software.  Selecting a home health care software can accelerate your agency with time-saving automation processes that replace daily tedious tasks. 

Here’s a breakdown of 5 key things to look for when selecting a Home Health care software:

  1. First key thing to look for selecting a home health care software is to examine the features of the software
  2. Make sure that Software for home healthcare helps your home healthcare agency to run smoothly.
  3. Think about adaptations and integrations of home healthcare software
  4. Check whether the software provider provides good customer service
  5. Trying the demo of the home health care software

Look for the features of home health care software

A home health care software should primarily have the following features:


1. Simplified E-Documentation with Paperless Timesheets

2 Key Questions

Would you agree that manual documentation and paper timesheets eat away valuable time that could be better spent on patient care? Electronic documentation and paperless timesheets provide a long-lasting solution that eliminates wasted time and energy. 

Going paperless empowers caregivers with more high quality time with patients, improving how patients view your agency.

Here’s a summary of how Home Health software eases documentation: 

  • Cuts down 35% of documentation time
  • One easy stop for access to all client data
  • Email Forms to clients
  • Built in requirement for E-Signature Verification
  • Can be used on any device from any location

2. Billing in a Breeze with Reduced Claim Delays and Denials

Wouldn’t it be such a relief if your agency could reduce claim delays and denials… And cut down time spent on billing? That’s the goal of automated billing, to improve accuracy and speed of billing and reimbursements. 

It does this by enabling tracking of remittances, batch billings, and integration with insurance payers. 

Here’s a breakdown of how home health software’s automated billing feature will help you:

  • Time-saver via Batch Billing
  • Eliminates manual entry errors 
  • Improves accuracy and accepted claim submissions
  • Instant Billing and Claim reports at your fingertips
  • Integrated remittance with payers
  • Cuts down costs and boosts satisfaction

3. Reliable Visit-Tracking with Signature Fraud Protection

Caregiver fraud attempts are a threat, and are best prevented with reliable EVV visit tracking and verification. Here’s how home health software’s fraud protection helps:

  • E-Signature Verification & GPS Tracking
  • Verification of Location, Date, Start/ End Time, and Services
  • E-Timesheets Remotely validated
  • Service Assignments updated in Real Time
  • Option of Verification via telephone at the point of care

4. No Hassle Scheduling

Scheduling caregiver visits is much easier with home health care scheduling software.  It incorporates scheduling to enable the following:

  • Ease of scheduling clients with different Caregivers
  • Custom Scheduling to suit your needs
  • Alerts to remind Caregivers of Visits
  • Prevents Overlapping of schedules

5. Better 2-Way Communication via Text4Care

Secured messaging with home health software empowers patients and caregivers via an open channel of communication. It provides a secured, fast route for sending appointment reminders, requesting information, and more.  Selecting a home health care software that helps in efficient communication is the best choice. Text4Care enables the following:

  • Text Messages can be sent in bulk
  • On-the-go Messaging App
  • Ability to View all past Communications
  • Instant Messaging keeping caregivers, staff, and clients connected
  • Convenience that patients love

6. Mobile compatibility

Home care scheduling software that is mobile compatible is made to function properly on a variety of mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets, independent of the operating system, screen size, or orientation of the device. 

This indicates that customers won’t experience any compatibility problems when accessing and using the program on their mobile devices.

With software for home health care that is mobile responsive, a caregiver can monitor a patient’s medication schedule and can access patient information and care plans from their tablets while on the road. 


7. Security

Home health care software security refers to the steps taken to safeguard private patient data and make sure the program is impervious to online dangers and data breaches.

Patient information in home care scheduling software must be secured from unwanted access and disclosure since it is extremely sensitive and confidential. Security measures of software for home healthcare are:

User authentication: This implies that before accessing patient data, users must identify themselves using a special login and password or other means of identification.

Encryption: This process turns patient data into a code that can only be cracked using a special key, making it more difficult for hackers to steal or alter the information.

8. Cost

If you are a home healthcare agency, consider selecting a home health care software that has every feature that fulfils all your needs.

Low cost home care scheduling may not have all the features you need. The majority of premium software will have every features that a home care scheduling software must have, which includes :

Effective Communication


Data security

Mobile compatibility, etc

9. User friendliness

User friendly

Home health care software must be user friendly since health care practitioners are too busy and don’t have time and resources to engage in complex software.

A home care scheduling software must have these features to be user friendly:

  • User friendly interface
  • Clear instructions on how to use the software
  • Training and efficient customer service

10. Electronic Health Records [ EHR ]

EHR is a digital version of a patient’s health history. EHR includes a patient’s medical history, test results, diagnosis and lists of allergies. 

EHRs are a crucial feature in home care scheduling software because they provide home healthcare agencies rapid and easy access to patient data, which results in enhanced patient care.

Software for home healthcare that helps your home healthcare agency run smoothly

best value for my money

To run your home healthcare agency successfully, home health care software is an essential tool because of its quality features like managing patients, scheduling, invoicing and billing, security, efficient communication, etc. You, as a Home healthcare agency can enhance patient care, minimize administrative effort, and simplify procedures by using the home care scheduling software. Overall, it supports efficient operations and improved patient care at home healthcare agencies. 

Think about adaptations and integrations when selecting a home healthcare software

Adaptations relate to the home care scheduling software’s capacity to be specialized or altered to satisfy the unique requirements of various healthcare professionals or patients. 

The ability of various software systems to easily connect and share data is known as interoperability.

Integrations describe how home health care software can work with other software programs that are often used in the healthcare industry. To handle patient data, Electronic Health Records are used by many healthcare providers. Home healthcare software must be able to integrate with various EHRs to guarantee that patient data is accurate and exact.

Check whether the software provider provides good customer service

Home health care software must be responsive, approachable, offer thorough training and onboarding, be customized to the needs of the agency, and be continually improved based on feedback to provide good customer service. 

It’s important to establish a strong and cooperative relationship between the software vendor and your home healthcare agency to deliver the best possible treatment for patients and increase the effectiveness of your agency.


Trying the demo of the home health care software

After evaluating or studying about the features of home health care software, You’ll want to try the demo to determine how the software functions and whether it fulfils your needs. To achieve this, get in touch with a home healthcare company that uses the software for home healthcare and request a demo or trial version.

During the demo you will get the chance to examine the software for home health care’s capabilities and how they function. You may gain clarification on how the software will help your home healthcare agency by asking questions. To simplify your operations and enhance patient care, it is helpful to try a demo of home healthcare software to determine if it’s the correct match for your home healthcare agency.


When selecting a Home Health care software, consider the 5 elements mentioned in this article. Doing so will simplify the process of selecting a software solution that works best for your agency. Caretap’s Home Health Care Software has streamlined operations for thousands of home care agencies, improving efficiency, productivity, and patient satisfaction. Find out how Caretap can optimize your agency’s operations.