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Safeguarding Your Home HealthCare Agency Before The Next Wave Of COVID

Safeguarding Home HealthCare Agency

Is your Home HealthCare Agency prepared for another wave of COVID? How can you continue to stay protected when viral pandemics hit? COVID has not only changed the way we live and work, but also how we accommodate the needs of clients and employees without compromising their well being and safety. 

Long-term paperless solutions that minimize person-to-person contact and reduce the amount of onsite interactions are powerful tools that have been proven to work effectively for Home HealthCare Agencies across the US. This blog will introduce you to how you can make paperless solutions work in your agency, and continue to steadily grow your client base.

Picking up from previous COVID Waves

The previous waves of the COVID pandemic severely aggravated resources of Home Healthcare Agencies, but have nevertheless served as a catalyst for an important transformation. Due to COVID, most Home HealthCare Agencies have taken precautions far more seriously than ever before. 

An ultimate goal is to build on the momentum from those efforts to provide better care and to prepare for future waves of COVID or other potential pandemics. Home Health Care Agencies can safeguard themselves by implementing the following:

  • Define appropriate care to improve patient health outcomes
  • Utilize new technology to streamline administrative aspects of service delivery
  • Paperless Documentation and Electronic Timesheets
  • Automate billing processes
  • Digital Scheduling Solutions
  • 2-Way Text communication to stay connected
  • Go the extra mile to solidify high-quality care

Using Tech to Safeguard your Agency

Tech Safeguard

Handling manual documentation and paper timesheets is a time-consuming process. Why overburden yourself when software is available to streamline it for you?

The ultimate elements in providing your agency with clear-cut risk reduction and outstanding service, are efficiency and accurate documentation. Electronic documentation has the following advantages:

  • Documentation time is reduced by 35%
  • Convenient access to client data 
  • Generation of reports on the spot 
  • Email forms to Clients
  • Automated Electronic Signature Verification
  • Reports update automatically

Automated Billing Process

Are you looking for a way to simplify your billing process and reduce claim delays and denials? Automated billing does just that, improving billing accuracy and speed. It will boost your agency by enabling you to:

  • Track billing with just a few clicks
  • Send customized statements
  • Reduce mistakes through detailed, accurate claims and reports 

Automated Scheduling Solution

If you’re scheduling manually, you’re definitely missing out on a simpler way to go about it. Scheduling software helps your home healthcare agency in the following ways:

  • Real-time alerts and SMS/Email to clients/caregivers about upcoming visits
  • Simplified scheduling for clients with multiple caregivers
  • Customizable to accommodate your needs
  • Prevents schedule overlapping

Keep In Touch With Clients with 2-Way Text

Communication leads to a stronger and longer lasting relationship. The same is applicable to home healthcare services. Technology provides a comprehensive tool to improve the route of communication through your healthcare agency. The key benefits of 2-way text messaging are:

  • Instant Bulk text messaging from a single spot with 2-way capabilities
  • Optimized for busy agencies
  • Improves communication among caregivers, staff, and clients


COVID has become an obstacle to home healthcare agency growth. Combating the challenge lies in the use of cutting-edge technology. New technologies in home healthcare agencies have minimized countless risks and are continuously boosting operational quality.

Find out how Caretap’s Home Healthcare Software has helped thousands of agencies overcome the challenges of pandemics, and can help you streamline operations to improve growth.