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7 Ways Private Duty Nurses Are Benefiting From The Latest Technology

7 Ways Private Duty Nurses Are Benefiting From The Latest Technology

Ever feel like excessive administrative load creates dissatisfaction in your field as a Private Duty Nursing Agency?

Thousands of Private Duty Nurses have discovered an innovative software solution that automates administrative tasks for them, empowering them with more time for better patient care. 

We’ll look deeper into this software and how it’ll benefit your agency.

All about Private Duty Nursing Software

You may have noticed the uptick in demand for private duty nurses from patients needing home care. With more opportunities comes more administrative burdens.

Finding the perfect solution to tackle the workload, lies in innovative software engineered with private duty nurses in mind. 

Let’s go over 7 features of private duty nursing software to get a better understanding.

Comprehensive Platform

A platform that covers all the important aspects of your agency is critical for a solid investment. PDN software complies with DHS, DOL, and HIPAA rules and regulations. It provides the following features:

  1. Digital Patient Care Management
  2. Electronic Visit Verification Integration
  3. Paperless Billing
  4. Online Physician Order Forms
  5. Electronic Payroll
  6. Simplified Scheduling
  7. Convenient Text Communication

Let’s discuss each feature in more detail:

Digital Patient Care Management

The tedious manual labor you’ve been stressing yourself out with, can be changed with innovative PDN software. 

How so? Paperless systems transfer your documents into an electronically accessible format that integrates for smoother processes.

Electronic signatures are collected, and data field requirements help prevent missing information.

The level of accuracy, reliability, and speed all improve with paperless processes. An average of 35% of documentation time will be saved by converting to digital operations, enabling you to do more of what you love – patient care.

Electronic Visit Verification Integration

Electronic Visit Verification is an essential part of your agency that becomes easier to use when integrated with PDN software. 

The flow of operations with a comprehensive EVV system is smoother with the ability to clock in and out electronically, along with live GPS tracking and electronic signature verification.

For added convenience, PDN software allows Electronic Visit Verification to be accessed via 3 routes: mobile device, Web access, and Telephony method.

Paperless Billing

Paperless Billing

The old fashioned practice of manually managing Medicaid, insurance, and private pay claims is tiring and time-consuming. 

Private Duty Nursing Software prioritizes convenience and efficiency, creating a simplified flow for batch billing, generating invoices, and much more.

With secured API integrations, and fast access to billing reports, paperless billing is a no-brainer for your agency.

Online Physician Order Forms

Looking for a way to speed up the process of obtaining a physician’s signature for an order form? 

PDN software understands the challenges of facing delays in getting signed order forms, and has gone the extra step of incorporating an online feature that expedites the process.

With both a web and mobile-based platform, you’ll be able to text, email, or fax Physician Order Requests to facilities for a faster response time. 

Helpful reminders can be sent to Physicians as needed, and a convenient portal for Physicians is provided for easy documentation and E-signatures.

Electronic Payroll

Does payroll management eat up your time? With PDN software you’ll never have to dread managing payroll again. 

Private Duty nursing software allows you to customize your payroll reports, generating and downloading reports in just a few clicks.

It’s compatible with ADP Payroll and handles all the functions for you, including vacation pay, overtime, and more. It’s become known as the most cost-effective solution for payroll management.

Simplified Scheduling

How does scheduling fare at your agency? Are you able to manage split shifts, multiple schedules, and delayed check-ins? 

With private duty nursing software, all of these scheduling burdens become a breeze.

Electronic scheduling integrates with service authorization and allows you to customize schedules as needed, breaking it down by hours/units/visits. 

No more need to stress over hectic schedules when E-scheduling software is available to simplify the work for you.

Convenient Text Communication

Clients and private duty nurses have upgraded channels of communication as technology has advanced. 

The most preferred route of communication these days is via text messaging. Text4care is a texting app that allows you to send and receive bulk text messages to and from clients and employees, with full HIPAA compliance and built-in security.

It also provides the ability to view previous communication records with ease. Texting has become the most convenient and easily accessible communication channel preferred by patients and agencies.


Private Duty Nursing software has become one of the most widely accepted tech tools for easing daily administrative operations, and enabling more time for better patient care.

Caretap’s Private Duty Nursing Software has transformed thousands of agencies by streamlining everyday operations, including Patient Care Management, Electronic Visit Verification, Billing, Physician Order Forms, Payroll, Scheduling, and Text Communication. Find out how Caretap can help your agency become more efficient and productive.