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12 Pain Points Resolved by Adult Day Care Software

12 Pain Points Resolved By Adult Day Care Software

Does running an Adult Day Care Agency require more administrative work than you have time for? From documentation and billing, to scheduling and maintaining compliance, each aspect can become draining if not streamlined with efficient software. 

Let’s go over how adult day care software will revolutionize how you work, and will save your agency time, energy and stress.

What are the most cost and energy-guzzling administrative tasks creating stress and headaches for your agency? Here’s a breakdown of what Adult Day Care Agencies have reported as their administrative pain points:

  1. Manual documentation entries are tiring
  2. Human entry errors occur frequently necessitating more audits
  3. Data is not adequately secured or organized
  4. Multiple platforms are needed to cover all admin aspects
  5. Follow-through rate is low due to patient dissatisfaction
  6. Charting is chaotic
  7. High employee turnover rate
  8. Compliance audits are needed routinely
  9. Long client wait times 
  10. Insurance verification takes hours
  11. Inaccurate submissions lead to claim delays and denials 
  12. Unstable communication between caregivers and clients

How Adult Day Care Software Puts an End to all 12 Pain Points

Adult Day Care Software comes to the rescue with 5 key benefits that diminish the common challenges holding agencies back. Here’s a simplified breakdown of the key benefits provided:

  1. 40% less documentation time
  2. Accuracy of Claim Submissions
  3. Verify Insurance in less Time
  4. Solid Communication Channel
  5. Happier Clients and Staff

40% Less Documentation Time

Less Documentation Time

Why continue to throw away valuable time on manual documentation when you can shave that time down by 40% with software? The entire documentation process becomes streamlined with Adult Day Care Software, giving your caregivers ample time to focus on quality patient care instead of administrative work. 

Document management software comes with the following advantages:

  • Time-saving platform with built-in E-signature collection
  • Designed for busy caregivers
  • Reliable, accurate, and HIPAA complaint
  • Easily customizable to suit your agency’s needs
  • Forms can be emailed/faxed

Improved Accuracy of Claims

What’s the # 1 stress-causer for agencies? Claim denials and delays are at the top of the list for most. Electronic data entries and automated billing resolve the dilemma by ensuring better accuracy of each claim prior to submission. Adult Day Care software gives your agency a comprehensive platform that puts billing headaches to rest, and solidifies your operations with the following: 

  • Higher acceptability of claim submissions
  • Collect reimbursements/payments faster
  • Automation of invoices and submission
  • Accessible from anywhere
  • View details of billing reports
  • Multi-payment methods accepted

Verify Insurance in Less Time

Manually verifying patient insurance is tedious and draining. Adult Day Care Insurance Verification software automates the process giving you eligibility reports in no time. Here’s a breakdown of how insurance verification software will relieve your agency:

  • Comprehensive eligibility reports at your fingertips in less time
  • View all recent Insurance Reports from your dashboard
  • Web-based for convenient access
  • No more wait time for clients
  • Reduction in phone calls with payers

Solid Communication Channel

Communication Channel

Want to know how to win over trust? Continuous communication is the key. Instant 2-way texting safeguards transmission of information, allowing updates, notifications, and follow up messages to be sent between clients and staff. 

Adult Day Care Software boosts your business by enabling a continuous connection, along with the following:

  • 2-way SMS capabilities
  • Bulk Text Messages can be sent to/from staff & clients
  • HIPAA Compliant messaging app
  • Communication Records can be viewed

Happier Clients & Caregivers

If you’re wanting to reduce employee turnover and create loyal clients, Adult Day Care Software is the #1 way to go about it. Clients love the speed, reliability and convenience. Caregivers will appreciate the stress-free documentation process that empowers them with more time for patient care. With happier employees and clients, your agency will grow faster and achieve what most agencies only dream of.


Cutting edge technology can be used to your advantage in accelerating the growth of your Adult Day Care Agency. Jumping on board with digital systems is a no-brainer, that is well worth the investment. The obstacles of documentation, human errors, security, patient satisfaction, time-consumption, insurance headaches, billing, and employee turnover rate, are resolved with Caretap’s Adult Day Care Software, combining all your agency’s administrative needs in one convenient platform. Learn how Caretap can put an end to your operational challenges with the ultimate software solution.