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6 Big Mistakes Home Health Care Agencies Need to Avoid When Selecting EVV Software

6 Big Mistakes Home Health Care Agencies Need to Avoid When Selecting EVV Software

Tired of EVV headaches? The sad reality is Home Health Care Agencies (HHCAs) face hurdle after hurdle when it comes to EVV. In searching for the perfect EVV software, we’ve pinpointed six common mistakes HHCAs make that can be avoided. We’ll elaborate on these, providing you with a clear picture of how to approach selecting the right EVV vendor.

What are the 6 big mistakes home care agencies make when selecting an EVV software?

1. Not Properly Researching Vendors

When choosing a software vendor for EVV, researching the pros and cons is vital. What are some key items to keep an eye out for?

  • Is their EVV software in compliance with your state’s regulations and the 21st Century Cures Act?
  • What is their reputation?
  • How long have they been providing services?
  • Do they provide a stand-alone system, or a comprehensive platform with multiple built-in features?
  • Are they equipped to handle your agency’s demands?

2. Neglecting Security

end-to-end encryption

With any EVV vendor, you want to be acutely conscious of what security measures are in place for your agency and your clients. Be mindful that identity thieves can be looking to steal credentials and client data, a HIPAA complaint issue. If the EVV vendor does not provide full security of all features with end-to-end encryption, you should look elsewhere.

3. Inadequate Scheduling Platform

Planning the day can be chaotic if your EVV software doesn’t provide simplified scheduling features. You’ll want an EVV vendor that allows for real-time scheduling and tracking of visits. Being able to schedule multiple caregivers with only a few clicks is a huge plus that’ll save your agency time, and having automated alerts to keep caregivers on top of important information is critical.

4. Inconvenient Communication Tools

EVV is part of a larger process that requires a solid channel of communication. Whether it be with your clients or your employees, miscommunication can lead to serious issues.

Having a reliable channel to communicate information is a must for any EVV Software. Make sure that the EVV vendor allows both a mobile app and telephony method of communication to accommodate all.

5. Uncertain about Point of Care Verification

Point of Care verification with tracking abilities is essential for EVV software. This important feature enables clients to confirm that the assigned care is in fact being provided by the caregiver, eliminating billing fraud attempts, and ensuring compliance. If the EVV software does not have point of care verification with tracking capabilities, this should serve as a red flag.

6. Lack of Fraud Protection


Being unaware about a vendor’s ability to prevent fraud by caregivers defeats the purpose of having EVV software. Federal guidelines emphasize the importance of conforming with a system that has built-in fraud protection via electronic means. Be sure to check the ability of the EVV vendor to do just that.


The EVV Software you select should serve to eliminate fraudulent claims, client neglect, and data entry mistakes for your agency. Additionally, it would be to your benefit to embrace an EVV software that provides greater accuracy, dependability, faster transmission, and reduced claim processing time. 

To save yourself from the 6 big mistakes home care agencies make when selecting EVV Software, look for an EVV vendor with the following:

  • Compliant with state regulations and 21st Century Cures Act
  • End-to-end encryption of all data
  • Convenient Scheduling Features with Automated alerts
  • Incorporates both a mobile app and telephony method 
  • Reliable Point of Care verification with GPS Tracking

Caretap’s EVV Software encompasses all the above mentioned features and more to streamline processes for Home Health Care Agencies. Learn more about Caretap’s comprehensive platform and all the built-in features your agency will need.