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What to know before using Nursing Home Software

Nursing Home Software

Nursing homes have become more in demand as our elderly population has grown. To keep up with the high demand, thousands of Nursing Home agencies have been eagerly looking for efficient processes that allow for the high quality care patients deserve. 

This article will discuss the topmost way to revolutionize your Nursing Home to become the most efficient, and top of the line in patient care. 

The Discovery

Thousands of Nursing Homes agencies have discovered that slow manual processes can be improved by 20X via simplifying daily tasks like documentation, scheduling, verifications, and communication. 

The simplification is done with digital optimization by Nursing Home Software. Let’s go over the plethora of benefits agencies have gained from streamlining with Nursing Home Software.



Nursing homes looking to upgrade their operations are in for a sweet treat.  Nursing Home Software has proven to be the most affordable, and savvy method for keeping your agency organized and operating efficiently. 

Take a look for yourself at all the benefits nursing homes have been able to enjoy from embracing Nursing Home Software:

  • Automating everyday operations
  • EVV made easy
  • Accommodative scheduling for staff and patients
  • Easy billing with integrated payroll 
  • Digitized Physician Order Forms
  • Continuous communication channel with 2-way texting

Automating Everyday Operations

What if you could finally replace multiple systems with a single multi-operational  platform for optimizing everyday operations?

Nursing Home Software provides that one stop solution you’ve been looking for, flipping those burdensome tasks into completely digitized operations. 

Not only does it relieve your nurses and staff members from tedious documentation processes, but also appeases patients, allowing them to have more one-on-one time with their caregivers, and less time waiting. 

Additionally, fraud protection is built into the system with client electronic signature requirements, GPS tracking of location, and other verification methods.

Automation of everyday operations includes EVV without the hassles, quick billing, easy scheduling, digital physician order forms, a solid 2-way communication channel, and so much more.

 With a new digital front door for your Nursing Home, you’ll be able to empower staff to allocate time and energy where it matters most – patient care .

EVV made easy

Electronic Visit Verification is an essential part of your Nursing Home that diminishes the ability for fraud attempts

Nursing Home Software gives your agency a simpler, more comprehensive EVV system to cover all your needs in less time. Check out how it helps your agency:

  • 35% less documentation time
  • Fax, email patient forms digitally
  • Tracking of  location with GPS 
  • Obtain E-signatures
  • View service information
  • Electronic timesheets for checking in and out 
  • Information stored and transferred automatically
  • Accessible via Mobile app & Telephony method
  • Fully encrypted and DHS, HIPAA compliant

Accommodative Scheduling

What if you could finally say goodbye to traditional scheduling headaches? That means no more overlapping schedules or losing track of appointments. 

Nursing home software is the answer you’ve been looking for. By digitizing your scheduling system, you’ll be able to easily attain the following:

  • Alerts for appointment 
  • Integrate your schedules for service authorization
  • Accommodate multiple scheduling 
  • Split shifts and delayed check-ins 
  • Customized scheduling 

Easy Billing with Integrated Payroll

Wouldn’t life be so much more pleasant if you didn’t have to deal with claim delays, and denials?  Nursing home software takes the headaches out of billing for you, by simplifying the process. It provides you with the following benefits:

  • Batch billing to save time 
  • More accurate claim submissions
  • Easy to use dashboard
  • Digital invoice generation
  • API integrations that are fully secured
  • Compatible with ADP payroll 

Nursing home software automates your billing and payroll to take the load off your shoulders, and ensure  accurate, reliable, and efficient services. 

Digitized Physician Order Forms

Getting a physician’s signature for an order form the traditional way, can often be a hassle. Digitized innovations have been created to eliminate the hassle and simplify the process of physician order requests in the following ways:

  • Physician signature reminder system
  • Text, email, or fax Physician Order Requests
  • Digital Documentation with E-Signatures
  • Instant access via mobile device or web
  • Physician portal

Continuous Communication Channel with 2-way Texting

Communication is everything! Nursing home software gives you and your patients the easiest route for communicating – with 2-way texting.  You’ll be able to enjoy the following benefits:

  • Texting in bulk and to individuals 
  • View individual messages in records 
  •  Fully HIPAA compliant 


Nursing Home Software is the proven answer to your documentation, billing, and operational troubles. Its revolutionary features cover all your needs from EVV to scheduling, and more.

Caretap’s Nursing Home software has become well known as one of the most reliable, efficient systems available. Discover how Caretap can transform how your Nursing Home operates.