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How to Grow a Home Care Agency – 10 Ways

How to Grow a Home Care Agency

Looking for the most effective and affordable ways to grow a Home Care Agency? Attracting clients and upgrading to high quality service is doable if the right steps are taken.

1. Market Your Uniqueness

With over 400,000 home care agencies in the US, competition is a reality. What will make your agency stand out above the rest? That’s going to be your marketing point. Being able to capture clients by showing them that you provide more than the basics, is a sure way to win them over. Not sure what will make you unique? Take a step back and evaluate your competitors.

2. Do Your Research

Research what’s being offered by competitors, to give yourself a better understanding of what you can promote that’s distinct. Search online to find out what it is that clients are looking for – that’s in demand. Is there a particular type of service or technology that would ease visits for patients? Or maybe something that’s not being incorporated in your vicinity?

3. Online Presence

Online Presence

When prospective clients are searching for a home care agency, the first place they typically go is online to read reviews and check out websites. If your agency doesn’t have an online presence, you’ll be missing out on a huge chunk of potential clients.

Having a business website is a fundamental start, which is affordable and easy to set up. Marketing your agency on platforms that attract your intended audience is an important strategy, along with giving your business a social media presence via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

Advertisements are essential tools for reaching your target consumers. By strategically selecting how and when your advertising is done, you can successfully bring in many new clients. Thinking outside the box involves going beyond the mail flyers.

4. Accommodate Tech-Savvy Clients

Clients are more tech-savvy now than before, and are always looking for modernized home care agencies that embrace automated software to simplify processes. When caregivers can get operations done faster and more easily using digital technology, clients take notice, and find it appealing. Investing in innovative technology will serve as a magnet for attracting clients along with creating an efficient, productive home care business.

5. Go Paperless

Digital software provides clients with the convenience they’re looking for. Going paperless gives your home care agency a boost above competitors, and simplifies daily tasks.

Paperless solutions digitize client intake documentation, simplify EVV, enable visit tracking, collect E-Signatures, provide the ability to email forms, cut billing time in half, and much more. You’ll also be helping to cut the cost of paper-related items, making your business eco-friendly.

6. Get Online Reviews

Get Online Reviews

Positive client reviews serve as a hallmark for drawing in more customers. If your agency lacks reviews on popular sites like Yelp, Google, Facebook and so forth, you’ll more than likely be quickly passed over.

Encouraging your satisfied clients to leave reviews on your website, social media accounts and other pages will increase the number of positive reviews you’ll receive and in turn increase interest from potential clients.

Some clients will simplify the process by stating how pleased they are with your quality of care. You’ll want to be sure you thank these patients for their compliments and politely ask them if they wouldn’t mind sharing their experience on your review platform.

Let them know that their feedback will help others feel more confident in selecting the right agency. Be sure to share their reviews on your website and provide them with direct links for posting reviews on your social media page as well.

Incentives are successfully used by many agencies to encourage positive reviews. Every client enjoys receiving discounts, offers and prizes, and is usually willing to leave a positive review in exchange.

7. Provide a Positive Experience

Home care agencies that are well versed in how to run a successful business, know that solid communication lies at the core of a positive experience. Clients are looking for a caregiver that demonstrates understanding, attentiveness, and gentleness.

Clients love talking about what’s going on in their lives; Listening and responding with compassion helps win them over. During client visits, being able to communicate dedication through non-verbal and verbal cues will instill a sense of trust.

8. Create Lasting Impressions

Clients develop a lasting impression based on their overall experience, and quickly pick up vibes from caregivers based on body language, and confidence level. A successful home care agency prioritizes making patients feel that they come first. Put emotional intelligence in action to assure patients that you’re concerned with their well-being and best interests. They’ll respond with loyalty and referrals.

9. Put Clients at Ease

Keep patients at ease with a continuous communication channel that includes talking about activities they might find relatable. When clients feel that you’re reputable both inside and outside of home health care, they’ll find it easier to connect. You’ll notice that clients will open up to you more easily and you’ll find more enjoyment in your work.

10. Go the Extra Mile

Express concern for providing each patient with the personalized care they need. Take time to ensure things are done correctly the first time around to prevent avoidable mistakes. Going the extra mile for clients builds a solid foundation that they won’t forget. Clients love home care agencies and caregivers that can provide more than what they’re expecting from services.


Mastering the knowledge of how to grow a home care agency is vital for real outcomes. Leaving patients with a positive impression of your services is key to running a successful home care agency. By incorporating the principles discussed in this article, you’ll see patient satisfaction and profit skyrocket. Prioritize patient care, and watch your agency flourish.

The secret to boosting your Home Care Agency lies in your strategy, ability to reach and attract your target consumers, and quality of service. There are tested and tried strategies of how to grow a home care agency that’ll give your agency an enormous boost. Caretap’s HIPAA compliant, paperless software is engineered to help home care agencies grow exponentially and improve client satisfaction. Contact us to learn more.