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How to get Clients for Private Duty Home Care

How to get Clients for Private Duty Home Care

Trying to run a successful Private Duty Home Care Agency without an established marketing technique in place? As you know, growing your patient base is the essence of being able to maintain your agency. Let’s discuss 4 key elements to nail your marketing strategy, and grow your agency.

Amplify your Uniqueness

With quite a number of other agencies for patients to select from, making your agency stand out above the rest is critical. How to make that happen requires some thought and creativity. Here are a few factors to consider for an effective marketing strategy:

  1. Research your competitors – What are you offering that they are not, and vice versa?
  2. Study your target – What are patients wanting from their experience that you can offer?
  3. Learn from others – Reach out to colleagues who have been in your shoes already and can offer sincere advice.

Once you’ve nailed these important factors, you’ll be well on your way to knowing your strengths, and using them as marketing points. 

Leverage Technology

See technological advancements as your friend, and learn more about how they can upgrade your private duty nursing agency. You’ll find that technology opens so many doors of opportunity for your business. For example, take a look at how top-rated agencies are making good use of private duty home care software:


  • Completely paperless documentation
  • Automated billing for fast reimbursement
  • Easier management of scheduling 
  • Convenient 2-way Texting
  • Simplified EVV Integration with Tracking
  • Automatic Client Eligibility Verification


Private duty home care software has come through with countless advantages for agencies that want to be a step ahead of competition. By leveraging technology to your advantage, you’ll accelerate your growth, and exceed patient satisfaction.

Webinars and Workshops

Webinars and Workshops

What does it take to garner patient interest, and how can you use that avenue to better acquaint patients with your services? Complimentary webinars and in person workshops are effective when patients find the topic and content to be relevant and captivating.

Inviting guest speakers, introducing trending topics, and getting feedback from your target audience, are all critical ways to establish effective webinars and workshops.

The goal would be to provide patients with valuable insight they wouldn’t obtain elsewhere, and to add in a portion of time, familiarizing them with your agency’s services, uniqueness, and an opportunity to get their questions answered. A powerful webinar/workshop would fulfill the below criteria:

  • Captivate intended audience
  • Provide value insight not found easily online
  • Engage attendees
  • Credible presenters and material
  • Blending in how your services fulfill their needs

Online Marketing Tools

Online Marketing Tools

How do most patients find a private duty home care agency? Online, by email/text communication, or by word of mouth – right? For those searching online, if your website, social media channels, and digital resources exceed your competitors, you’ll be top game. How do you make that happen? Here’s a breakdown of how your agency can utilize online resources to bring in more patients:

  • Keep your website and social media channels appealing, up-to-date, easy to navigate, and resourceful
  • Use SEO optimization to help with higher website traffic and Google search rankings
  • Provide insightful, authentic, and unique content to differentiate yourself from competitors
  • Share patient testimonials to build trust
  • Keep email and SMS marketing personalized and engaging
  • Let patients see how you prioritize patient care and convenience with Private Duty home care software.

Being able to engage patients on your website, social media channels, and marketing avenues, will place your agency a step ahead of others in garnering a larger patient base.


Growing your patient base becomes easier once an effective marketing strategy is in place. Amplifying what makes your agency unique, offering webinars and workshops, along with utilizing online resources, all help grow your agency exponentially.

Leveraging technology via Private duty home care software provides convenience, simplicity, and time-saving automation of so many processes.

Caretap’s Private Duty Home Care Software has helped thousands of agencies streamline their operations, and save back-breaking hours of documentation, billing, verifications, and scheduling.