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How To Get Clients For Your Home Care Agency

How To Get Clients For Your Home Care Agency

Are you struggling to grow your agency? Thousands of Home Care Agencies have discovered powerful ways to bring in more patients via 4 ways. We’ll discuss them, and how you can get started, and take your agency to the next level of success.

Patient Convenience

What is the #1 factor that patients are looking for that they see as a collaborating element with quality care? Convenience. State of the art technology, like Home Care Software, provides the added convenience to patient care that clients totally deserve and love.

It’s through prioritizing convenience that patients feel valued by your agency. The convenience of being able to complete forms and e-sign digitally is more important to patients than you realize. It saves them time, energy, and headache that they’d otherwise lose out on. 

Not only are patients loving how Home Care Software simplifies the entire process, but also caregivers and staff will finally be able to say goodbye to work overload. The gift of having everything in a single place removes the strenuous hurdles of documentation + keeping track of everything.

Automation + Integration

Automation + Integration

Manual documentation, disheveled notes, and unorganized scheduling, billing, and reporting methods cause stress and steal time from more productive and meaningful tasks. Home Health Care software introduces an automated method that integrates into your system, meaning that you no longer have to deal with the mess of everyday multi-tasking.

Automation takes care of the administrative side, while your caregivers and staff can focus on one-on-one quality patient care.

What exactly does automation and integration via Home Health Care software mean for your agency?

  1. Speed combined with accuracy to streamline the process
  2. Top security with full HIPAA and EVV compliance 
  3. Organized + simplified scheduling and billing
  4. 10X cost-saver to boost your ROI
  5. Happier patients and caregivers means faster growth

Effective Marketing

To stand out above competitors, your agency’s strengths need to be broadcasted via all possible channels. Perhaps your Home Care agency has the most caring caregivers around, or is the only one utilizing state of the art Home Care software to ease the process for patients.

Once you’ve researched your nearby competitors, you’ll be better able to figure out your strong points that can win over patients. Some effective marketing strategies to consider using social media platforms, your website, and online sources include the following:

  • Leverage your online presence for greater visibility
  • Post patient testimonials to build trust
  • Show your agency’s community involvement and personal side outside of work
  • Provide complimentary online educational resources – relevant to your target audience
  • Engage viewers with  opportunities for online discussion and workshops



It is without a doubt that people trust personal referrals over online searches. What this means for your Home Care Agency is that the more positive relationships you have with others, the more referrals you’ll receive by word of mouth.

Whether it’s via colleagues, community members, other organizations/businesses, or through your own patients, building those connections goes a long way in growing your patient base. You’ll want to garner a reputation of friendliness, professionalism, and trustworthiness. This is not as easy to convey via online platforms as it is in person via personal connections.


If you aren’t already on board with effectively growing your Home Care Agency, now is the time to start. Caretap’s Home Health Care Software empowers agencies to provide patients the convenience and quality care they deserve. On top of that, caregivers and staff have been able to save hours of workload by automating their processes. Find out how you can successfully grow your patient base and streamline your operations with Caretap.