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Get Ahead: Our EVV Software is the Future of Verification

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Do you want to increase the quality of care that you give to your patients while streamlining the way your organization operates? You’ve been seeking a solution, and Caretap’s Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) is the solution that you are looking for. The efficiency, dependability, and user-friendliness of the verification process are all the goals of caretap’s EVV software

 We’ll go in-depth on the significance of Electronic Visit Verification and the reasons why our EVV system for home care represents the future of verification in this blog.

What is Electronic Visit Verification [ EVV ] ?

Electronic Visit Verification is a system that records information about the time, date, and location of each visit of carers in order to electronically verify the delivery of home health care services.

 After that, this information is used to make sure that services were delivered as planned and to stop fraud and other bad things from happening.


The federal government has made the EVV system mandatory for home health care services, and it is quickly emerging as the industry norm.

Features of our EVV software

Now let’s delve into the features of Caretap’s  Electronic Visit Verification Software ,

1. Real-time data capture:

Real-time data capture in evv software

Our EVV system for home care records the precise date, time, and place in accordance with the 21st Century Cures Act for the purpose of electronic visit verification.

2. GPS monitoring:

Our EVV software provides GPS tracking which helps health care agencies verify the location of caregivers at each visit.

3. Simplified scheduling:

With Caretap’s EVV system for home care, it is simple to arrange carer visits in accordance with the needs of the patient and with only a few clicks, schedule many caregivers for a client. It also helps caregivers with automatic notifications or alerts.

4. Mobile app and telephone visit verification:

  • Our electronic visit verification software allows caregivers to clock in and out using a telephone. 
  • Available in Several Languages 
  • Telephonic Visit Verification at the Recipient’s Residence
  • Favorite Among Caregivers
  • Simple to Use and Learn

5. Easy-to-use interface:

Caretap’s  EVV system for home care is made with an intuitive interface that is simple for administrators and carers to use. Our software helps you save time and increase productivity with simple navigation and optimized procedures.

6. Compliance:


The 21st Century Cures Act and all other state and federal regulations are fully complied with by our Electronic Visit Verification software. You may be confident that your business is entirely compliant and will avoid costly fines as a result.

7. Protection from risk and fraud attempts:

Caretap’s EVV software is specially designed to prevent fraud attempts so that the agencies can trust this software. By making sure that services are neither overcharged for or incorrectly reported as being provided, EVV software aids in the prevention of fraud and abuse.

In a nutshell, Caretap’s Electronic Visit Verification software is the best choice for home health care agencies that want to improve the quality of care they give while also making things easier and getting more done. 

Why wait then? To find out more and to begin benefiting from everything that our Electronic Visit Verification  software has to offer, get in touch with us right away!

How our EVV software works?

Our EVV system for home care is intended to be intuitive and simple to use. By just logging in, providers may start entering information about each visit into the system. The program records data in real-time, guaranteeing that the data is correct and current. 

Using a secure web portal,  home health care agencies may access data and reports, making it simple to manage their businesses and guarantee regulatory compliance.

Why is Caretap's EVV software the future of verification ?

Our EVV system for home care represents the future of verification for a number of reasons:

1. Efficiency:

Caretap’s EVV software speeds the verification process. As a result, caregivers can concentrate on giving excellent care while managers may concentrate on overseeing business.

2. Real-Time Monitoring:

Caretap’s EVV system for home care enables home care agencies to trace the movements of caregivers and confirm that they are delivering the care for the patient for which they have been hired. This provides the highest level of openness and accountability.

3. Compliance:

The 21st Century Cures Act and all other state and federal requirements are completely complied with by our EVV software.

4. Adaptable Workflows:

You may completely customize our EVV system for home care to meet your own demands and business procedures. This implies that you may simplify your processes and boost your overall effectiveness.

5. High quality care:

High quality care through evv software

A higher standard of care is provided since our Electronic Visit Verification  software makes sure that caregivers are giving the care that is expected of them, which lowers the possibility of mistakes or skipped visits.


In the end, Caretap’s EVV system for home care has completely changed the health care industry. Modern technology has made it possible for healthcare practitioners to streamline their processes, cut costs, and provide patients with better treatment.

Caretap has emerged as a crucial tool for healthcare agencies that are aiming to improve the quality of their services because of its user-friendly interface, real-time tracking, and precise documentation. 

Caretap is driving the change in how we provide and experience healthcare because of its dedication to innovation and excellence.