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Not All EVV Systems Are Created Equal – What You Might Be Missing

EVV Systems

How do you know if you’ve selected the best Electronic Visit Verification Software (EVV) for your home care agency? With many vendors to choose from, certain aspects make some stand out above others. We’ll discuss this along with deeper insight on what you may be missing out on.

As you’re most likely aware, Electronic Visit Verification Software was mandated as a result of caregiver fraud with traditional visit verification. By incorporating fraud protection into EVV systems, progress has been achieved in preventing fraud attempts.

What makes one EVV System better than another?

When comparing EVV systems, it’s important to take a step back and get an overall view of the comprehensiveness, speed of operations, reliability, and product integrity.

Does your EVV system offer the following:

  • Electronic Documentation and E-Timesheets for easy clock-in and clock out
  • Verification of Name and ID for Caregivers/Clients
  • Automated integration syncing data into the system
  • Built-in GPS tracking of on-duty caregivers
  • Real-time reporting of date, start/end time, and service details provided for each visit
  • Clients E-sign at the point of care for secure fraud prevention
  • E-Scheduling of visits to eliminate overlapping, allow multi-scheduling, and automate visit alerts
  • Telephony option of verification for clients without internet service
  • End-to-End Encryption 
  • 100% DHS and HIPAA compliant
  • Excellent user reviews
  • High level of accuracy and reliability
  • Highly rated support team

An EVV system lacking any of the above features/qualities may be falling short of helping your home care agency optimize operations.

Having an EVV system that’s comprehensive in covering all aspects of your daily functions will save you time, cost, and the need for additional administrative systems. An all-in-one Electronic Visit Verification with a high level of accuracy and reliability surpasses others that are limited in capabilities.

Benefits of a Comprehensive EVV System

Comprehensive EVV System

A comprehensive EVV system will improve the flow of your home care agency and create a higher level of satisfaction among clients and staff.

Electronic documentation and E-timesheets boost the speed and precision of transmitting and verifying information. You won’t need to worry about being held back by time-consuming manual entries, or errors that commonly occur with manual transmissions. 

In addition to providing more efficiency via E-documentation, features included in the best EVV Software will benefit your agency in the following ways:

  • Better Reliability of Timesheets
  • Automates Administrative Burdens allowing more time for patient care
  • No more data redundancy
  • Reduces overhead costs by automating the process
  • Instant Access to data as needed
  • Faster reimbursements with better acceptance of claims
  • Top security of client’s data
  • Accommodates the needs of clients and caregivers via both Mobile App and Telephony System


Embracing the most comprehensive, absolute best EVV system is critical for keeping your home care agency at the cutting edge of technology. Your clients deserve high quality care with the most advanced services available. Caregivers and staff want healthy work options that cut down administrative time, and empower them with autonomy to do what they love most – patient care.

Caretap’s EVV software is well established as one of the most comprehensive and perfectly designed systems for home care agencies. With all the features you’ll ever need built into one platform, Caretap’s EVV software will streamline your flow of operations.