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How Will EVV Work For Provider Agencies?

How Will EVV Work For Provider Agencies

Living in a technologically advanced era has impacted how patients and providers view the delivery of in-home healthcare. The expectations of software implementation in daily operations has now become the norm, brushing aside the old fashioned paper-based documentation system.

EVV is no exception, leaving Home Care agencies with the task of leveraging technology to boost their patients’ experience. We’ll discuss how your agency can get on top of the game with state of the art Electronic Visit Verification Software.

What Is Electronic Visit Verification (EVV)?

EVV is a software solution that automates the collection of important caregiver visit information, including the following:

  • Real-time reporting of the visit date, start/end of shift time, and GPS location tracking
  • Patient’s e-signature at the point of care for fraud protection
  • Scheduling of multiple caregivers with automated alerts
  • Telephony method availability in recipient’s home to clock in/out 
  • Paperless timesheets for visit tracking
  • Available in multiple languages
  • Compliant with DHS, HIPAA and federal guidelines

The benefit of having a single platform for streamlining all the visit verifications for your agency – is phenomenal. From location tracking, and scheduling alerts, to point of care e-verifications, your caregivers and patients will enjoy the precision and ease that Electronic Visit Verification Software brings to the table.

Mobile App & Telephony

Electronic Visit Verification Software can be used on the caregiver’s mobile device, in addition to the capability of being used via a telephony-based method. EVV software leverages advanced technology in ways that are convenient for caregivers and patients, to gather crucial information about the care delivered. 

Simplified Scheduling

EVV software is specifically designed to optimize daily operations of agencies and caregivers. Manual paper scheduling has proven to be a huge hassle that leads to overlapping, missed appointments, and confusion when trying to schedule clients with multiple caregivers.

Electronic Visit Verification Software has a built-in scheduling platform that relieves agencies from scheduling woes. EVV software’s simplified scheduling enables the following: 

  • Easily arrange visits based on the needs patients
  • Schedule many caregivers for a single client
  • Automatic visit alerts 
  • Real-time scheduling and visit tracking

Visit verification at the point of care

Countless fraud attempts (false claim submissions) are what triggered the implementation of EVV for Home Care agencies. One way in which EVV software prevents fraud, or false claims of visits, is via an electronic verification at the point of visit. 

This means that the patient must provide their electronic signature verification as proof that the visit did actually take place, and has been completed. EVV implementation has been successful in maintaining caregiver compliance in accurate visit records. 


Electronic Visit Verification Software has become the tool of choice for Home Care agencies. Not only does it facilitate the ease of verifying caregiver visits, but it also simplifies scheduling of visits with patients. 

Caretap’s EVV software has optimized the verification process for thousands of Home Care agencies by providing state of the art features. Find out how Caretap can streamline your Home Care agency.