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8 Ingredients the Best EVV Software Will Provide

Best EVV Software

With so many EVV vendors, it’s a challenge to pinpoint the best EVV Software for your home care agency. This article will disclose the key ingredients to ensure your selection is the best investment for your agency.

8 Must-have Capabilities of your EVV System

Electronic Visit Verification Software (EVV) is federally mandated due to a massive vulnerability in the traditional visit verification system of proneness to caregiver fraud, client neglect, false claim submissions, and overall system abuse. EVV resolves these issues along with simplifying the entire documentation process. 

The best EVV software has built-in advancements including GPS tracking of on-duty caregivers, real-time reporting of date, start/end time, and service type provided for each visit. Clients can E-sign at the point of care for better loss-prevention, and scheduling visits becomes stress-free, eliminating overlapping, and automating visit alerts. 

Additionally, EVV software must have end-to-end encryption and be fully DHS and HIPAA compliant.

Your agency deserves the best and should not settle for anything less. To select the best Electronic Visit Verification Software, check for these 8 capabilities:

  1. Name and ID Verification of Caregivers and Clients
  2. Location Tracking 
  3. Service details of Caregiver
  4. Electronic Documentation & Timesheets with Check-in/out 
  5. Built-in E-signature Verification
  6. Automated Data transmission and Storage
  7. Simplified scheduling of visits
  8. Fully secured and DHS/HIPAA compliant

What Benefits will the Best EVV Software provide?

Benefits will the Best EVV Software

Streamlining the flow of daily operations and excelling client care are primary results of an efficient Electronic Visit Verification Software.

The best EVV Mobile Apps will provide stellar electronic documentation to improve the speed and accuracy of transmitting and verifying information, along with an alternative method referred to as telephony, which is used when internet service is not available. 

Telephony is also a perfect option for caregivers who are not fond of using mobile apps. EVV Systems for Home Care are a promising solution to streamlining processes with automation of service data transmission, allowing better accuracy of claim submissions. 

This enables quick reimbursements. Online processing affords better security of information and compliance.

In addition to the required elements of eliminating fraudulent attempts, the best EVV Software will also benefit your agency with the following:

  • Better Accuracy of Timesheets
  • Cuts down Administrative Overhead
  • Eliminates Redundancy of data
  • Reduction in Data Entry time
  • Easy Access to Information
  • Fast claim processing for quick reimbursements
  • Reliable and secured collection, storage and transfer of client’s data
  • Convenience of both Mobile App & Telephony System


Your caregivers and clients are the foundation of your home care agency, and deserve healthy state-of-the-art options that save them time, stress and energy. By embracing the Best EVV Software, you’ll be taking the hassle out of documentation, billing, scheduling and more.

Caretap’s EVV software has transformed thousands of home care agencies by providing outstanding service and reliability. 

You can rest assured that our stress-free features cover all the elements needed for smooth daily operations from start to finish, including built-in fraud protection, GPS tracking, electronic documentation and timesheets, caregiver activity status, automated data transmission, fast claim processing, both a mobile app and telephony methods, and much more. 

Learn how Caretap’s EVV software can transform how your agency operates.