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10 Benefits of Group Home Software

Why have Group Homes taken to upgrading their day-to-day operations by ditching paper-based systems? The reality is that embracing advanced technology brings about countless benefits, and in this article we’ll discuss the following top 10 advantages of group home software:

  1. Automation of daily operations
  2. Digital Physician Order Forms
  3. Anti-fraud protection
  4. Fast billing + payroll integration 
  5. Efficient patient care management
  6. Autonomy of staff
  7. Instant 2-way texting
  8. Stress-free scheduling for nurses and patients
  9. Simplified EVV 
  10. Self-Service Portal

Automation of daily operations

The day has come that you can finally say goodbye to multiple systems for managing daily operations. Group Home Software has become the beacon of a multi-operational platform – automating your everyday tasks into one simple system. 

The convenience, simplicity, and efficiency offered, far surpasses having to manage separate systems. The functionality of a unique platform with multi-functionality means that caregivers, staff, and patients can do away with tedious paperwork – for good. 

The combination of more efficient patient care, simplified EVV, hassle-free billing, effective fraud protective measures, and a solid communication channel, empowers group homes with the means to scale up patient care. Automation is the door to optimization that your group home deserves. 

Digital Physician Order Forms

If you ever feel the weight of trying to get a signature on a physician order form, digital solutions are the perfect route to go with. With traditional Physician order request transmissions, delays occur frequently, holding back critical patient care. The advantages of a digital-based Physician order form include the following:

  • Effective reminder system for Physician signatures
  • Convenient channels for sending Physician Order Requests {Text, Email, Fax} 
  • Simplified Documenting + E-Signature
  • Mobile + web access
  • Physicians are provided with a portal

Anti-Fraud Protection

Anti-Fraud Protection

One of the most vital components of any group home software is making your documentation process fraud resistant. Built-in fraud protection works seamlessly to ensure accurate and reliable reporting. With client electronic signature requirements in place, you can rest assured that nurses are providing their assigned care.

Group home software complies with both state and DOL requirements in verification processes. In addition to e-signature protection, GPS live location tracking also provides solid verification that the nurse has attended to the patients.

Fast Billing + Payroll Integration

Claim delays, denials,  and slow reimbursements are a reality for group homes using traditional billing systems. A huge advantage of using group home software is the simplification of the entire billing process. Group home software brings you the following billing and payroll benefits:

  • Saves time with batch billing
  • Simplifies management of claims 
  • Better accuracy of claim submissions to reduce delays or denials
  • User-friendly dashboard
  • Reliable invoice generation
  • Secure API integrations
  • ADP payroll compatibility
  • Individualized payroll reports

Automated billing via group home software provides better accuracy, reliability, and efficiency. 

Patient Care Management

Efficient and high quality patient care is the goal of every group home. Achieving and maintaining that goal becomes easier with group home software, via the following:

  • Eliminates all paper documentation via automation
  • Empowers nurses with more time for patient care
  • Does away with manual entry errors
  • No more duplicate entries
  • Provides alerts for early/late treatment 
  • Recording of continuous care during shifts

Autonomy of staff

A huge stress factor for nurses and staff is the administrative burden of manual documentation. Group home software resolves this by automating the documentation process, freeing up time for them to do what they love – patient care. Giving your staff autonomy via group home software creates a more relaxed environment, happier staff, and a lower turnover rate.

Instant 2-way texting

Instant 2-way texting

A continuous, and solid communication channel is a critical component of patient care.  Family members who are concerned about the patient also want to be informed about patient updates. Group home software provides a convenient route for communication via instant 2-way texting.  With it, your group home will have the following capabilities:

  • Bulk text messaging + individual texting between staff and clients
  • HIPAA compliant messaging app 
  • View messaging records independently

Stress-Free Scheduling

Manual scheduling woes are a reality for most all group homes.  From overlapping scheduling times to missed appointments, traditional paper scheduling has its flaws. 

Group home software was designed to alleviate the disappointments that paper systems create, and resolves them with digitization. Digital scheduling via group home software optimizes the experience via the following:

  • Appointment alerts
  • Integrated schedules for service authorization
  • Multiple scheduling without the hassle
  • Easily manage delayed check-ins and split shifts
  • Customize scheduling to meet your needs

Electronic Visit Verification

The Electronic Visit Verification mandate came about due to the number of fraudulent claims being made with traditional verification methods. EVV eliminates the ability for fraud by requiring verification from the client, along with location tracking, and recording of visits. Countless advantages are provided via group home software’s EVV system:

  • Cuts down 35% of documentation time
  • Enables emailing/faxing digital forms to patients
  • Usable from any device and location
  • GPS location tracking
  • E-Signature based
  • Nursing service details
  • E-documentation and timesheets for fast check-in/out 
  • Automated transfer and storage of information
  • Eliminates  administrative workload
  • Mobile app & Telephony system accessibility
  • End-to-end encryption + DHS/HIPAA compliant

Self-Service Portal

Group home software provides you with optimal ability to access data and customize aspects of your dashboard as you’d like. The convenience of a quick stop platform that’s completely at your service, can’t be beat. With group home software’s self-service portal you’ll have the following at your fingertips:

  • Customizable dashboards filtered by roles
  • Pull up weekly metrics
  • Web access from anywhere
  • Set individualized alerts as desired
  • Accessible via any device
  • Reliable eligibility check


Revolutionary Group Home software has become the beacon of technological advancements for group homes across the US. It  has reshaped the patients’ and nurses’ experience – via an all-in-one platform including every aspect of administrative and patient care needed. 

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