Adult Day Care Software

for a Successful Transformation
Adult Day Care Software is gaining popularity as the topmost tool to streamline operations. Caretap’s comprehensive software gives your agency the freedom to focus on quality care instead of administrative burdens. With Caretap’s Adult Day Care Software your agency will skyrocket in efficiency, accuracy, and faster payments.

Want to Avoid Documentation Compliance Issues?

Caretap’s Electronic Documentation Software ensures compliance by collecting and keeping all documentation stored securely.

What does Our Electronic Documentation feature include?

electronic documentation

Client Attendance App

Tracking Client visit hours a hassle?

Our Client Attendance Mobile app tracks clients’ visit hours, along with the following features:

Worried about Denied Claims?

Our Automated Billing and Electronic Claim Status Tracker keeps agencies on top of payments, and instantly rebills denied claims.

automated billing and claim status tracker system

With our Automated billing and claim status tracker system you’ll get:

Want a Faster Communication Channel?

With Caretap’s Text4Care platform you’ll have an instant communication channel for staff and clients at your fingertips.

How does Text4Care simplify your business?


Want Accurate and Fast Insurance Eligibility Information? ​​

No more wasting hours on the phone verifying insurance for patients. You can now have it at your fingertips within seconds.
Caretap’s automated insurance eligibility verification takes the hassle out of insurance verification.

Here’s what Automated Insurance Verification will give you:

fast insurance eligibility information

Why Caretap?

Caretap’s Adult Day Care Services Software is customized to help you:

Cut Down 40% of Documentation Time

Caretap case studies have shown that clients enjoy an average of 40% of time saved with our electronic documentation software

Improve Accuracy​

No more worrying about billing errors or manual data entries

Get Instant Access​

Our comprehensive software is easy-to-use and designed for busy caretakers

Achieve Top Quality
Care for Less

All-in-one software to save you costs and time

Caretap’s Adult Day Care Services Software boosts the success of your agency by streamlining your operations

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