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Home Health Care Software is the top tool to make your business successful. Caretap’s pristine standing with Home Health Care Agencies stems off years of establishing trust, reliability and accuracy. Our Home Health Care Software is engineered to streamline entire processes, eliminating the workload for agencies, caretakers and staff. By delivering the highest quality and most cost-effective software available, we’ve saved agencies thousands of dollars, improved productivity, and gone above and beyond State and DOL regulations.

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Home Health Care Software
Caretap Billing System
Paperless Client Intake Documentation

Go Paperless with Client/
Caregiver Documentation

Time-consuming paperwork is eliminated with Caretap’s EVV System in place, giving caregivers time to provide better one-on-one patient care. Homecare visit data can be easily updated in the caretap EVV software.

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Higher Caregiver Efficiency Rate : Scheduling and Reminders

Our state-of-the-art system gives patients and caregivers the perfect combination of convenience and comprehensive service. By embracing Caretap, your Home Care Agency will save time and improve client satisfaction. Caretap’s EVV System simplifies the process of scheduling caregiver visits according to patient requirements. We go the extra mile to give you the perfect management process from start to finish. Join the hundreds of agencies boosting daily practices and operations by streamlining with Caretap.

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Scheduling and Reminders

Electronic Visit Verification (EVV)

Caretap’s Electronic Visit Verification tracks the location of the caregiver using GPS location tracking. The date, time, and services provided are recorded using smartphones (iOS and Android), or telephone (landline) of the client. Our mobile apps are fully integrated with Caretap software and automatically sync in real-time!
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Mobile App and Telephony Access

Mobile App and Telephony Access

Point of Care Verification

Patients’ E-signatures can be collected by the caregiver at the point of care using Caretap’s Electronic Visit Verification software. This eliminates billing fraud attempts, and ensures compliance.
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Point of Care Verification

Complete Billing integrated with EVV

Automated Billing for Home Care Agencies

Automated Billing for
Home Care Agencies

With convenience in mind, Caretap’s Home Health Care Software simplifies the entire billing process for home health care agencies by providing a hassle-free way to collect payment, eliminating filing errors, lost revenue, and claim denials. Recognized as a top software provider, Caretap combines excellence in patient care with genuine service while maximizing efficiency in billing. Fully integrating with state and insurance companies you have a solution for every payer.

Enjoy 2-way texting with your clients and caregivers

Add an extra layer of security to your communication with caregivers and patients by using our modern messaging system to send confidential SMS texts. You will be alerted in real time to show the latest in your messaging. Contact your caregivers or patients for appointment reminders, documentation, follow up and more.
2-way texting with your clients and caregivers
digital documentation

Reduce Risk, Ensure Compliance

Rely on Caretap to take the stress out of compliance by meeting all state and federal guidelines. From EVV, to paperless documentation, Caretap helps keep you compliant with all regulations. We provide digital documentation, and customize your own documents for sending to caregivers and patients.
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Automatically Verified Client Eligibility

Why waste hours on the phone verifying insurance for patients when you can have it at your fingertips within seconds?
Welcome to Caretap’s automated insurance eligibility verification. Fast and Easy verification, taking the hassle out of insurance.

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FAQs of Home Health Care Software

Home health care software is healthcare technology that streamlines the process for home health care businesses. It automates administrative tasks including billing, scheduling, records, point-of-care management, and more.

Software used in home health care can include paperless documentation for clients and caregivers, scheduling and reminders, Electronic Visit Verification, billing integrated with EVV, GPS tracking, electronic signature verification, automatic client eligibility verification, 2-way texting, and more.

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