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Freedom to run your business from anywhere: Go Paperless

Paperless time sheets
EVV for Caregivers
  • Paperless time sheets
  • Use your smart phone to check-in and checkout
  • Better communication with staff
  • Electronic time sheets
  • Improved compliance
Paperless time sheets
  • Paperless client documentation
  • Digital intake and consent forms
  • Client can complete forms from anywhere
  • Client can sign forms from home/work
  • Store forms securely and access from anywhere
  • Access anywhere, anytime
Paperless time sheets
  • Allow employees to complete documentation online or on an iPad in your office
  • Store all employee forms securely in the cloud
  • Access employee data from anywhere, anytime
  • Store all time sheets, W4's, and deposit forms in the cloud
  • Easy to use and simplified for PCA's
  • Allow employees to sign the documentation digitally and store securely
Paperless time sheets
  • Qualified Professional (QP) Documentation
  • Allow QP's to complete the assessments digitally on an iPad
  • Store all assessment documentation and necessary files securely in the cloud
  • Access audit data from anywhere, anytime
  • Improve audit results
  • Simplified solution for QP audits at the client location